See our pictures on SmugMug

Great things SmugMug offers that free sites don't:

  1. No ads or promotions surrounding your photos.
  2. Unlimited storage and traffic.
  3. Ability to retrieve your photos anytime.
  4. No requirement for your visitors to register.
  5. No threat of losing your photos if you don't buy prints.
  6. No reducing resolution of your photos like at free sites.
  7. No "free for a few photos, expensive for more" plans like Picasaweb's.
  8. Ability to view big, clear photos.
  9. Gorgeous themes to personalize your galleries.
  10. Full-screen slideshows.
  11. Real, knowledgeable & friendly humans to answer your emails quickly.
  12. More safety for your photos. Pay sites rarely close; many free sites—even from Yahoo, HP, Canon and Microsoft—have closed.